Speaking In Malaysia – 2017

Speaking In Malaysia – 2017

I go back last week from such a wonderful, wonderful trip. I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for another amazing event with Success Resources and had such a great time.

The Journey

The irony is. I am writing this on another plane!


I arrived at Heathrow, Terminal 2 full of energy, excited, wide awake and feeling fresh… Give it 24 hours. Mum and I were overjoyed as we had all three seats to our self on the plane. I must say, Singapore Airlines gets a win from me. Just Wow!!!! Such great service, food and a stunning cabin really didn’t disappoint. After 14 hours we finally touched down in Singapore, all ready for yet another flight. I must say, the connecting flight was the quickest I have ever been on in my life. A flight time of just 25 minutes. I also had a few questions answered at Singapore Airport, some more important than others.

1: What country is Singapore in? Yes. I didn’t know what country I was in.

2: Is it possible to put a Koi pond in an airport? Yes. Apparently so.

3: Will I ever find an airline that has Hamilton available on the inflight entertainment? Let’s just say, I was pretty busy for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The Arrival


Finally, 24 hours after saying goodbye to the over excited pug, the grumpy cat and Stranger Things: Season 2 on Netflix. I has arrived. We were greeted by the absolute legend, global sensation who goes by the name of TYLER. No, really. He is awesome. He took us to the hotel and we didn’t hesitate to get straight to sleep.

Day 1


It was Monday. I was speaking on Wednesday. What are we going to do for 48 hours? Ok, sure. I’ve downloaded one episode of Blue Planet II on iPlayer but, even Mobula Ray can’t entertain me for that long. We stepped outside. (Let’s build up some drama!) Helpless. Lost. Alone (I think I just woke up the passenger next to me because of how much I was laughing at that sentence. I’m blaming you.) Anyway, we stepped out of our hotel only to find out that we can’t get outside – at all! The exit to our hotel leads straight to…. A shopping mall. Now I’m no person to stereotype. but I’m sure most jet lagged 13 year old boys would actually rather have their Instagram account terminated than spend 48 hours in a shopping mall, but this showed me that I’m not in that ‘most’ bracket! My Christmas shopping is now complete. Not only that. Hang on, let me set the scene. I’m standing at the top of the escalator on the third floor, I look down, past the Yankee Candle store and then, staring at me, with huge black eyes. A seal. A cuddly seal. I don’t know about y’all but I used to have a lot of cuddly toys when I was younger, now they either belong to Martha or another family member. But I couldn’t leave that seal helpless. Or his other family on the shelf, he was only £5. So like every decent person would do. My mother and I bought 4. I could only sum this moment up in two words: Quality Purchase. One was for my mum. One was for me. One was for a person who I can’t tell you who it is because I know they’re reading and one was for a special little toddler I know. I named him Claude. And he is almost. Almost. Very almost as cool as Tyler.

Day 2


Bath And Body Works. OMG Best shop ever! I think I may have over spent on hand sanitizer. Lump of coal flavoured ones. Snow. Candy cane. Candy apple. Gingerbread Latte. Reindeer dust, because we’re all familiar with the smell of reindeer dust right? You know, that common smell that we smell on a daily basis? In the afternoon we went down to Petaling Street, an amazing outdoor market and the hottest place on earth. And no, that is not a metaphor. I mean temperature hot, not. Not. However you describe the other one, it has so many different meanings now the urban dictionary can’t handle it. But seriously, how do all of these market sellers have access to such amazing bands? Rolex’s for £2! Legit.

Day 3: Speaking


Quickly go back to the present. I just got a bag of sour cream and onion pretzels, I really do love planes! Anyway, today I was speaking, Claude was ready to sit on my bed all day, I was ready to speak, and Tyler was ready to be introduced in this blog! Let me tell you a few of Tyler’s job titles whilst he was with me.

  1. Security
  2. Tour Guide
  3. Camera Man
  4. Quest person (I’m trying to find a word, and I can’t. take your anger out on the English language not my Instagram DMs. Please!)

Tyler’s job for the day was making sure I was okay, and all I can say is thank you so much. Not only that, he was hilarious! I still think him and Nicholas (another member of staff) need their own TV show. They are so funny. Over the course of the day I had three brilliant radio, TV and magazine interviews. I did the most hilarious interview on BFM Radio where I found out that the presenter was huge Hamilton fan. We had to stop recording for about 10 minutes just to rave about it! Finally, the time came for me to speak and to my delight (try and guess what’s coming it’s not hard. What do you think I’m about to praise? Final answer?) Hamilton. My entrance music was none other than the sound of Thomas Jefferson coming home. Going head first into a political abyss. But really, what an amazing audience. Seriously. What an experience, All I can say is, Malaysia, I’ll be seeing you again very, very soon.


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