Finding Your Inspiration

Finding Your Inspiration

One of the most important things not only in business but in almost everything we do is inspiration. It doesn’t always come how you’d expect it to or how you’d like it to either. I always find that there are two types of inspiration, there’s an impacter or there’s a disruptor. I like to think of an impacter as someone or something that is making a positive difference in your life. This could be doing charity work, a great quote or simply just someone that you admire. A disruptor is someone or something that is making a negative difference in your life but actually is teaching you quite a lot.

So how do you find inspiration. The answer to this is ‘be patient’ don’t go out looking for inspiration and don’t think that you need to be inspired by someone/thing just because someone else is. For me it came in a really unexpected way.


I’ve always been inspired by music and in late 2016 I found my biggest inspiration so far. When I say ‘music’ I mean a few genres. Well. One. Musical Theatre! I talk about the importance of story telling a lot and this combined music and storytelling into one. I was always pretty loyal to this one genre until one day on the was to school I downloaded a new album. Anyone who knows me or has read or seen anything I’ve ever done in the past year or so will know exactly what album this is. As will the poor editor of my upcoming book who had to take out millions of references, quotes and jokes that only true fans of this will get. Of course I’m talking about Hamilton. This was a really different musical to what I had ever heard. Falling under the hip-hop/rap genre, this was really unexpected. There are a few quotes in the whole show that I totally live by. To be hones I live by the show so scrap that, this is not a moment it’s a movement- See! I can’t help myself. If you want to help me stop this then use the tag #HelpHenWithHam on Twitter or Instagram and DM me if you are a victim of this too!!!


The moral of that very long paragraph is that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere even when you expect it the least. This proves that you have to keep an open mind and be happy to embrace change for better or for worse.

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