About Henry

Henry started his business journey at the age of nine when he launched Not Before Tea. This children’s brand was based on story book he had written entitled The Adventures of Sherb and Pip. All the characters in the book were bought to life through products such as bags, wash bags and soft toys which he then got listed in over 60 stores worldwide.

At 12 years old, Henry was a keynote speaker at the prestigious Retail Week Live event at the O2 in London, where he shared the stage with the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google. This marked the start of his love of public speaking and has since spoken at events for Lego, Clarks, Avarto and The Company of Master Jewellers.

In Autumn 2017, now 13, he launched Young & Mighty to help other young people turn their ideas into reality.

The famous entrepreneurs and business figures Henry has met along the way, inspired the formation of this foundation.

He wants to champion young peoples’ talent, showing they are in charge of their own future.

See Henry speak at The O2 arena by clicking the image below.